Frequently Asked Questions

What is your photographic style? How do you work?

I would describe my style with a very simple word: reportage. No poses, No prearranged shots, no repeated scenes. What I always try to do is to report what happens during your wedding day with sensitivity and great attention to the details, trying to be as discreet as possible. When we shoot your couple pictures, I always avoid holding you for more than an hour (transfers excluded), because I don’t want your guests to be waiting for you for too long, and I don’t want you to miss the whole aperitif, which is the best moment for greeting your guests and talk to them! No poses here too, as I always try to portray natural gestures and people talking naturally as much as possible.
Let’s say that if you like posed shootings … I’m not your ideal photographer! 😉

How long does the photo shoot last?

It depends on how your wedding day is scheduled! It approximately lasts about 10 hours, but I also plan shorter services. if you want it, it starts with the “getting ready” phase, and ends about an hour after cutting the cake.

Do you work alone or with partners?

I often work alone, and all the jobs published on this website have been done by this way. However, in the following cases I recommend the presence of a second photographer, whom I carefully select from a range of very good professionals I trust:
– Are you preparing yourselves in two places very far from each other?
– Do you plan to have more than 80 guests?
– Do you have any special request that could require some extra-time during the reception?
If the answer to at least one of these questions is yes, I suggest you choose a second photographer in order to make the schedule of the day smoother and easier.

How many pictures will be provided?

When the wedding is over, the dinner has been consumed and all clothes are back in the closet, the only real lasting memories of your wedding day will be the photographs that you have. That is why I deliver all the valid shots. The photographs are yours, as yours are the emotions and the people portrayed; for me it is very important to deliver to you as many memories as possible of your special day.

How will the photos be delivered and after how long?

You will receive your photos after about 2-3 months from the date of your wedding, and you have them in high resolution inside a USB stick, which I will deliver in a nice wooden box. Otherwise, I have an online gallery with passwords that only you can access or that you can share with friends and family if you want.

How much will the photo shoot cost us?

The cost depends on many factors, such as the length of your wedding, number of photographers or other options you want to add to the photo shoot. That’s why I offer 3 different kinds of photo shoot, plus various customizable options that you can add, such as the “Photo Booth” service or the Engagement photo shoot.

And what about printing?

We can choose together among many solutions to have your memories printed.
Do you like the warm emotion of rough paper and printed photos? The traditional photo album is the best choice for you.
Or do you prefer the modern double-page pictures with a clean and minimal layout? I have many types of photo books to offer!
The only rule? Just talk about it after you’ve received your photos. Before the wedding you will have to choose a lot of things, and you will feel a lot of pressure: why add more? In addition to this, choosing your album just before printing guarantees that availability and price do not change over time.

Are you a videomaker too?

I’m very sorry, but I only deal with photography. Nevertheless, I will be very happy to suggest you a number of very good professionals and help you choose the one that best suits your needs.

Do you only work on weddings?

Mainly yes, but I will be very happy to document your growing belly, the baptism of your child, or have fun together with a “trash the dress” shoot… or even a simple family afternoon, a sweet couple service, your engagement and your anniversaries. If you need any kind of pictures, simply let’s talk about it together!

You mentioned the “engagement” several times… but what is it?

Engagement is a photo shoot that I always propose to couples who choose me as their photographer. It is a good opportunity to experience pictures in total freedom, without the pressure of the wedding day; it is useful for me to understand how you move in front of the camera, and it is useful for you to understand how I work, in order to be as spontaneous and relaxed as possible on your wedding day.

Are you a professional or you just do it out of passion?

I chose to be a professional wedding photographer, in order to be the person who will make your memories real in such an important day. Photography is a passion that now became my job and this is my VAT number: 02122500511.

more questions?